Free as a Bird - Digital version -

Free as a Bird - Digital version -

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GiΩ Music (read Giō̄m), is the soundtrack to a beach life, constant travels, road trips, surf sessions and endless summers.
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Free as a Bird  - GiΩ

1- Sunshine Radio

2- Never ever

3- Petit Poucet

4- A CD in a bottle 

5- Kimberley

6- The end of the cycle

7- Little bird

8- Somewhere

9- I love Mondays

10- Free as a bird

11- Here it goes

12- L-word mute

13- People

14- Fuite en avant

15- The Observer

16- Sleep tight

17- Who you are


All songs recorded and mixed by Gary Crause at Legend studio, Phuket apart from Kimberley recorded and mixed at Fat Sleeve studio by Fat Sleeve and Little Bird recorded at Backyard studios by Loris Bernot. Mastering by David Hachour from ColorSound Mastering.

All songs composed and arranged by GiΩ. Bass on Here it goes and Petit Poucet by Blaze KC. Drums on The end of the cycle and Free as a Bird by Mike Mitchell. Drums and keyboard on Little bird by Loris Bernot. Cello on The Observer by Maria Gabriella